Get The Most From Your Solar System

by SoCalSolarClean | Jan 6, 2020 | Solar Panel Cleaning, Solar System Cleaning

Solar System

A solar system can be a sizeable investment and depending on the attention given to it, the outcome can fall on a wide spectrum of experiences as well as returns.

Solar Systems are exposed to the elements and what they bring with them including soot, grime, dander, and more. All mentioned creating a barrier between the valuable sunlight and the system that turns it into the energy you seek.

Periodic solar system cleaning not only ensures the highest level of production but brings with it many other benefits

Having frequent eyes on your system is an excellent way to get ahead of unexpected challenges. It gives you the info you need to remove the squirrel next before they chew through your wiring. It puts us close to the system where we can simply remove the wet leaves that left unattended may have rotted their way through your roof.

In addition to the above, proper system maintenance is a requirement in most solar system warranties.
You as a home and system owner are often responsible to keep the system clean and free of debris so it maintains the highest level of production and isn’t exposed to anything that would lead to premature system failure.

By cleaning your system regularly you maximize production increasing the value your system is providing you. It extends the life of your system and protects not only your warranties but your home as your system is seeing the attention it needs to operate at its optimum potential.

Google found in a recent study that cleaning a system that had gone uncleaned for 2 years, led to an increase in production of nearly 50%. We have found that the average residential solar system in San Diego sees an increase in production of over 20%. When the calculations are completed, a responsible system cleaning plan is not only wise but economically profitable.

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